Miami, Florida

Crown of Miami



partners BМ, RеdVеrtеx


BМ – Design / RеdVеrtеx – High Poly Models / Marfuse – VR


The Terminal has been nicknamed the ‘Crown of Miami’ because of its shape when viewed from the water. From the eastern or western approaches the ‘M’ of Miami is communicated, and when viewing the terminal side-on a sense of waves rising or ships passing is revealed.

The design incorporates a number of sustainability focused enhancements to reduce its environmental impact including rainwater collection and recycling so that it can be used for cooling, toilet flushing and irrigation. The design and materials have been chosen with efficiency and cost in mind. Using a simple prefabricated frame, prefabricated flooring panels, and a repetitive system, the core of the building can be constructed quickly. Steel beams will form the shape of the building’s profile and the roof will be clad with waterproof aluminium. The main glazing wall faces north to maximise views and energy efficiency. The south side of the scheme forms a car park with 1,000 spaces, loading bays, and passenger drop offs (including taxi and bus stops) at every level to keep traffic moving. Aluminium fins and spacing enable ventilation for the parking levels and M&E spaces below and the car park forms a buffer between the terminal building and the noise and views of the shipping port next to the site. Subject to planning approval the terminal construction will begin Q1 in 2017 and is expected to be operational by Q4 2018.