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Climate change is having a profound impact on our lives, both in the present and future. However, our actions are not only negatively affecting us but also significantly contributing to the changes in the natural world that wildlife has witnessed over the past years.

A large number of these unique and intelligent animals, such as elephants, are being mercilessly killed to meet the growing demand for their ivory. These actions not only harm the environment but also affect everyone who shares the planet with these incredible giants.

To raise awareness about endangered elephants, a collection of three different artworks that transform into animations through the AppArel app has been created. The goal is to change people’s perception of clothing through Augmented Reality.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Purchase one of the t-shirts from the AR collection featuring an elephant illustration.
  • Download the AppArel app.
  • Wear the t-shirt and scan the illustration to reveal a hidden video message that you can share with those around you.

This project came to life through the collaboration of various entities. MUCINA studio contributed manufacturing services, a Ready2Net project from Latvian Technological Centre provided financial support, and the Bulgarian company iGreet developed the AR app. Marfuse handled video animation and app logo, while Pashmere from Italy used their brand as a platform for AR promotion.

Together, they proposed the idea of Clothes with Augmented Reality and received approval for the project, creating an opportunity to make a meaningful impact.

The inspiration behind the illustrations was the incredible elephant, and the aim is to collectively change people’s perception of clothing through Augmented Reality.

If you’re interested in launching a similar project, don’t hesitate to contact the team for assistance in spreading your message to the world through AR.